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Afshan Sayed



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Reyansh, the Trojan horse

World War III happened more than three decades ago. Cyborgs have taken over the human race by brute force. India sees the biggest influx of human immigrants from around the world. She becomes the only country to shelter humans but be ruled by cyborgs.


It is against this backdrop that he is born. He is meant to suffer. He is to make History. The world is not to remember him.


Reyansh Dubey does not comprehend what cowardice is. But he is a coward. Orphaned at a young age, he must embark on an adventure in a bid to redeem himself. To calm his conscience, to uphold his family name, he must finish what his parents started. Reyansh must be brave.


He must be the Trojan horse.  

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Praise & Reviews




Reyansh the Trojan Horse….
As the name suggest it’s about a deception to winning a war; The Trojan Horse….

The millennials would love it as it has these cyberspeak language like spyware, malware, self-destructing program and digital vaults, and likes…..


What I like the most about the story is how a group of friends handle their differences and emotions when their whole world is falling apart…relying on each other to wining a war against cyborgs.
Futuristic read for a confident reader of age 12 plus.

Bhakti Shah, Thinkbox Children's Library, Bangalore

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Signed copies now available at Granth
Bookstore, Juhu, Mumbai

Held a seminar on creative writing at my
alma mater St Teresa's Convent High
School, Mumbai. 13 January, 2023


About Afshan Sayed

Afshan Sayed is an author, screenwriter and an amateur photographer. She has been published by Wells Street Journal, London, UK. She has been a contributor to newspapers like Mumbai Mirror and Midday. She dreams of a world where peace and ambition can coexist. She lives and loves the city of Mumbai. 

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