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Behind the book – Reyansh, the Trojan horse

Writing the long form seemed scary to me most of my adult life. So much that it was a part of my subconscious. I was not even aware of it.

The pandemic happened. India went into a state of stringent lockdown.

I was one of those few people who was happy! I enjoyed most of my time home, writing.

I penned down screenplays: features and web series without the slightest clue as to who was going to buy them or when. I just happily typed away at my desk.

It was about the same time I pondered over my dependence on other people to get a job done. Any job. As a screenwriter I was always to rely on other professionals to see things through. And out of nowhere I felt a sudden need to be acknowledged for who I am and what I do.

I wanted to be read.

Why else was I writing?

But I was still indecisive. A book could take months. I decided three months was a decent time frame and deadline. Then I was afraid. All that time invested in a manuscript! What if! And but –

I turned to my anchor, ‘mum, I want to write a book. I want three months out of my own life to write a manuscript. Shall I do it?’

She did not bat an eyelid before answering in an affirmative yes!

I started penning down initial thoughts. That took on the mode of writing for the long form and I labored on. Through nights and 4:00 am mornings. And if I felt one thing, it was joy. The purest form of happiness in creating something. I felt no fear.

I found I could write the long form as long as memory, a certain amount of skill and life experience were to my aid. Oh! How I beat the keyboard! And loved the process.

When I finished the writing, my mother was the first one to hear it.

I decided to publish Reyansh, the Trojan horse. As an ode, as a happy ballad, as a book dedicated to my mother. As something special I owed myself. And to her effervescent smiling face. These are a few of my things that have gone in to making the book. Happy reading!

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