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You can’t beat them thoughts,

They travel at the speed of light – Afshan Sayed

One of the most crucial insights I’ve had in my life experience is the articulation of thoughts. It is just as important as honesty with your writing.

Consider this: You think a friend looks lovely wearing a pink dress. And you say, ‘you’re wearing pink!’

In all likelihood the person is to wonder whether you’re making fun of her and her outfit. Or you don’t like it. Or you remembered telling her something about the color pink.

If you were to say, ‘you look lovely wearing pink.’ Now that would bring your friend to the same page as you. That you are being appreciative of her. There is no ambiguity.

The example, however rudimentary, is true in writing. Articulate what you want to say and most importantly how you want to say it. And lastly, when you want it said.

It is easier said than done.

An exercise we follow in screenwriting is to summarize the entire film or show in one line. The same can be true of a book. Sure, there are plots, sub plots, supportive character tracks. But what is that one sentence that resonates with the reader long after he or she has finished reading the book? That is the story. That’s the hook. That is what someone paid good money to pick your book as against many others.

That is articulation of thoughts. At the very initial stage. You then apply the same frugality and proficiency to the rest of the plot structure and the chapters. And almost always down the path, you are honest with your thoughts. Arranging, rearranging them. But never once wavering from them.

I hope the above helps in a small way with your thoughts. Keep writing. Happy reading!

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